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Conveyair's Pneumatic Transfer System is a pneumatic grain and bulk commodity handling system that uses pressurized air to gently push grain through tubing to your grain storage location.  When you require maximum design flexibility, gentle product handling, and a hands-free grain handling system, Conveyair's Pneumatic Transfer System is the right choise for you.  A PTS system makes grain handling easier, more economical, and safe with no augers to move or legs to maintain.  All the main components are at ground level for easy access.  Each system can be customized to your requirements using single or three pahse power with capacities up to 2000+ bushels (50+ tonnes) per hour.

System Benefits

  • EASY - The system is easy to install and quick to get operational.
  • ECONOMICAL - The capital cost is much lower with no expensive legs or catwalks required for the system.
  • SAFTEY - There are no augers to move, PTO shafts, or need to work from heights.
  • MAINTENANCE - All the main components are on the ground and the system has minimal moving components requiring maintenance.
  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY - The system can reach tall bins, move grain around corners, or up to a few hundred feet away.  You can use a Pneumatic Transfer System for a new site or add it to an existing site.  It is also very easy to expand your system when your needs change , and it is compatible with all makes and models of grain dryers.
  • AUTOMATION - The system can be automated, reducing errors and minimizing the labour required so you can spend more time harvesting.
  • GENTLE - Grain is moved on a cushion of air preserving the quality of grain that you harvested.

System Components

Thor 5.3 Heavy Duty Blower System

Every Conveyair PTS system uses our own Thor 5.3 heavy duty blower to power each system.  The 5.3 blower has proven its dependability in the numerous PTS systems and Conveyair grain vacs sold around the world.  Solid cast iron rotors that never go out of balance and maintain their tight tolerance, superior taper lock timing design, and helical hardened gears reduce noise and provide many years of trouble-free service.  The blower system comes standard with a self-cleaning pre-cleaner that requires no daily maintenance and a back flow valve to ensure the blower is protected in the event of system back pressure if a line ever plugs or a bin is overfilled.

Thor Airlocks & Airlock System

The airlock is the heart of each Pneumatic Transfer System as it transitions grain from atmospheric pressure into the pressurized air stream that will transfer the grain or bulk commodity from your source location to your storage location.  Every PTS system uses our own Thor airlocks, which are precision machined and built from heavy duty components for a long life.  Every airlock utilizes a fixed bearing design, which prevents end play as the bearings wear and allows for tighter endplate tolerance for improved performance and longer life.  Each airlock has adjustable and reversable tips to maintain system performance even after the system has transferred many thousands of bushels.  The blow through airlock is very compact allowing the airlock system to be placed under low grain and bulk commodity discharge heights.  Different hopper and tank options exist to suit your needs.  The airlock is driven with an electric motor and gear reducer with a chain drive for no slip and minimal maintenance.  

Control Panel

Each control panel is designed specifically for your application.  Every panel includes the contactors and overloads for the system's motors, on/off switches, NEMA 1 enclosure, and conforms to UL Std 508A and certified to CSA Std C22.2 No. 286 and is ready to be installed by your electrician.  Every panel is customizable with VFD's, bin level sensors, NEMA 4 enclosure, remote monitoring and control, and can be interfaced to work with your dryer.


Conveyair's Flow-Command™ works with the control panel to automatically control the flow of grain to maximize system performance and minimize system wear.  Flow-Command™ AC monitors the system performance and automatically adjusts the rate of grain or bulk commodity introduced into your system maximizing performance and capacity.  Flow-Command™ PC monitors the system and automatically adjusts the blower speed to maximize performance and capacity for the grain being introduced into the air stream.  Flow-Command™ automatically makes adjustments for different bins without any user input.

Pneumatic Valves

2-way - Simplifies installation and system design when your grain source is located at one end of your storage locations.  Provides the best performance and simplest design for the nearest bins.  

3 & 6 way rotary valves - best when bins are located around your grain source.

Discharge Options

Deflector - 90 degree deflector with adjustable angle.  Installed inside the bin keeping the bin accessible for top loading.

Deadhead - grain on grain discharge with no wearing components.  Can be installed beside on on top of the bin lid.  We have many different angle options available for different installation scenarios.

Poly Discharge Cyclone - installs on the bin lid and gently decelerates grain and vents the air stream outside the bin.  Comes with a rain cover and replaceable stainless steel wear liner.


Galvanized steel tubing.  Provides long wear life for horizontal and vertical runs.

Underground piping options.

Long radius elbow options - 11 gauge, stainless steel, and Extreme Duty for high wear installations.

Bolted compression couplers.

Grip Coupler - provides extreme holding power.

Camlock quick connect couplers.

Installation hardware - U-bolts, brackets, and bracing.

Custom Solutions

If your project requires a custom solution, please contact us, and we would be happy to work with our engineering team to design a custom solution for your needs.

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