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Hose Carrier

The hose carrier allows the user to carry up to 3 steel flex hoses (30'), 1 Polyflex Cleanup hose (15'), 2 straight aluminum tubes from 7'-10' in length (14'-20'),  1 stainless steel lined flex hose (3"), 1 Full Bin Nozzle (3'), and 1 cleanup tool for a total length of over 70'.

Dust Pail Ramp

The Dust Pail Ramp makes installing and uninstalling the dust pail a very simple task...even when full.  Click HERE to see how easy it is to use.

Rear Discharge Option

Allows the user to quickly and easily connect piping to the discharge of the machine for pushing grain into bins.

High Wear Option

For use when grain or commodities are highly abrasive.  Consists of stainless steel receiver tank liner and stainless steel discharge elbows.

Heavy Duty 30° Receiver Intake Elbow

Moves the receiver intake connection lower and to the edge of the machine.

Self-Contained Hydraulic Kit

Provides consistent and contamination free oil supply to the grain vacs hydraulic functions.

Dual Inlet

Allows the user to be able to pull grain from both the left and right side of the machine.

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