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Features and Benefits

The Ultima62 is great for cleaning out bins or storage facilities, cleaning up spills, unloading and filling bins, and storage facilities.  The Ultima62 is the Ultimate in versatility, flexibility, safety, health, and gentle product handling.

Gently Move Grain on a Cushion of Air

Using the Ultima62 is like moving your grain on a cushion of air allowing you to protect your grain quality while moving it from field to market.  Your grain enters the gently tapered main receiver tank and is moved through the machine around smooth elbows, decelerated, and gently deposited into your truck through the unique design of the poly discharge cyclone.  You have worked hard to grow a great crop...make sure you protect it.

Gentle Grain Handling

Health and Safety

Breathe fresh air while moving your grain and be assured that your equipment and your yard will remain clean after using your Ultima62 thanks to Conveyair's Blower Protection System.  While transporting the machine from your yard, it will be visible with the bright reflectors and LED lights that connect to your tractor or your pickup.  Finally, with no moving parts in the bin, you won't risk entanglement in the machine while moving grain.  Think Safety.  Work Safely.

Health & Safety

Flexible and Versatile

Move grain vertically, horizontally, or around corners...can your current grain handling equipment do this?  Moving grain a long distance to your truck or between bins is made easy with the Ultima62.

Flexible & Versatile

Grain Conditioning

The Ultima62 is great at removing dust, debris, and even bugs from your grain.  A side benefit of Conveyair's Blower Protection System is that any light debris in your grain is removed and deposited into the dust collection canister for disposal. Using the Ultima62 will improve your grain quality.

Engineered Value

The Ultima62 has been designed for longevity ensuring your investment will perform at a high level for a long time.  From Conveyair's Blower Protection System (BPS), shock absorbing and efficient belt drive system, to reversible and adjustable steel tips in your airlock, you will be able to move hundreds of thousands of bushels with minimal maintenance.  We are so confident in our design, that every machine used for farm use comes with a 2 Year Limited Warranty.

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