"The Conveyair™ Ultima62 is the best thing I've ever purchased!  It'll load 950 bushels of corn every 14 minutes, semi after semi.  It's unbelievable!  There is no comparison to competitive units I've used before.  It's so much faster than the competition.  It's even faster than an 8" bin auger.  The high reach boom reached way over our 750 Brent grain cart.  I'm really impressed!"

Don Rosburg

Fayette, Iowa, USA

"Versatility of a Conveyair™ grain vac is second to none, from cleaning up spills to unloading semis or grain carts that get stuck when you can't get close to them.  We have also found our Conveyair™ to be great at conditioning grain and helping remove lumps, polish grain, and even increasing the bushel weight in oats.  Bin cleanout, even with unloaders, is much better when using a Conveyair™ grain vac as there is no dust and we can clean it much better than using a broom.  It's just much nicer using a Conveyair™."

Vern Johnson

Dugald, MB, Canada


Conveyair has been building quality pneumatic grain handling equipment for over 35 years.

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